She's up to no good..

Like a true BFF, Jane Wilson shares fun and actionable steps so you can channel your inner diva, embrace your body and step into your confidence to get your groove back.

With a dash of spice, Jane Wilson provides a unique spin on how to live your best life. Drawing from her years of teaching pole dancing to over 10,000 people, she weaves together stories of reinvention to provide a roadmap on returning to your fierce, bodacious and mesmerizing self




Jane Wilson has taught over 10,000 people to feel strong, bold, and confident. As a former owner of PoleFit Nation, she spent over a decade teaching pole, fitness and heels dance classes while encouraging women to flip their hair, bang their heels, and love their curves.

With her vivacious and honest manner, she shares how to make time for play and handle any obstacle with grace.

She is a Canadian Pole Fitness Masters Champion and has been featured in Canadian Living and on Cityline.